How to style your bar cart like a pro

A full-fledged bar cart gives alcobev enthusiasts a joy, which at times is akin to a child having a room full of toys or a lady with a complete wardrobe. A bar cart that is well stocked with all or most of the accessories is a prized possession to own and its sheer delight when eyebrows are raised in appreciation when such a bar cart is rolled out.

Bar carts are not only a convenient way to serve food and drinks, while also allowing guests to self-serve, but also become a fantastic accessory for the house as they can be utilised for other purposes when not hosting a party or dinner. 

If you’re planning on investing in a bar cart, or want to revamp the one you already have, here are some quick tips on “How to style your home bar cart like a pro” when hosting guests.

Always remember to go for wheels

When on wheels, bar carts are portable, and it becomes easy to wheel them from room to room. This is also because bar carts come in sizes that can be easily rolled in without taking any strain, except for taking care that the accessories are properly placed. Once done, you can wheel them anywhere in the house!

Organisation is key

Organise your items in tiers like the bottles are stored at the bottom, glasses and accessories in the middle, and lastly the drinks and snack station right at the top. This way, everything that you need from the heaviest to the lightest is organised well. This will give the bar cart a perfect balance. 

Dress up your cart

Be innovative with colours and themes. In colours, one can choose from subtle to bold depending on the mood or the occasion. Colours that pop, such as bright pinks, greens, blues make your cart look bright. One can also adorn the bar carts with flowers, colourful stoles or scarves tied around it, scented tea lights and wax candles. A couple of coffee table books also will amp up the style quotient of your cart. 

For the themes, one could go seasonal. If it's summer, you can use flowers or fruits of the season to put on display. If it’s a special day such as the valentine’s, reds and pinks could be in vogue with any adornment. And if it's a Halloween night, then the dark colours could come out. So, there are tons of ideas to decorate the bar cart. Go for it.

Avoid the clutter

Do not over clutter the cart with too many eatables or drinks when it comes to styling. Remember, less is more. One or two bottles of wines, couple of other spirits should do the trick. If the focus is on wine, then keep the wine, the decanter, and a couple of wine glasses right at the top, with little plates or bowls of snacks so that everything remains accessible. A clutter free bar also looks attractive. 

Let's talk snacks

When it comes to food, keep it light, snacky and just kind of food that the guests can graze through. Make it wine friendly if you want the guests to have enough wine.  Salted nuts, olives, some salted bread or cheese straws or even pretzels, some salami, cold cuts, bread crackers are the snacks that are recommended. Keep it simple! If guests are more than five in number, small individual pre-plated bowls with snacks in them can also be kept ready. 

The right position matters

Last, but not the least.  Place the bar cart against a wall that has an attractive painting in the background. Also make sure to have it in a place where it doesn't get in the way and also provides easy access for all your guests. 

Now, time to put these tips to use and stylise your bar cart.

Originally published April 12, 2022