India Wine Insider by Sonal C Holland MW is a research-backed report that brings an authoritative wealth of knowledge and expertise on the Indian wine market.

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Roadmap to Success

The complete guide on how to enter and win in the Indian wine market. It is specifically designed to help individual wineries overseas; trade & investment departments of wine countries, regional wine associations, wine groups, and conglomerates. 

India Wine Insider is a research-backed white paper that provides a deep cultural understanding of the Indian wine market. It is a comprehensive guide that enables partners to decode India’s complex trade structure, regulatory framework, and pricing structures and gain insights into the Indian wine consumer’s attitudes and behaviours to develop effective strategies to launch and build brands in India.

India Wine Insider consists of

As domain experts on the business of wine in India, the team at SoHo Wine Consultants works on an ever-increasing number of projects with international wine companies, helping them establish a route-to-market strategy and implementation for the Indian market. We feel the time was is right to bring you an all-encompassing report that guides you on :

  • Entering the Indian market
  • Understand the import structure across states
  • Navigate the regulatory framework & and pricing structures
  • Gain insights about the key consumption cities and consumer behaviour
  • Learn from case studies of successful brands
  •  Find the right import partner
  • Adopt effective branding and marketing strategies in India


Connor Best

Senior Director of Global Marketing, Napa Valley Vintners 

Working with Sonal and her team is a pleasure. They are professional and have unrivalled visibility in the Indian market. Sonal is a masterful presenter and an enthusiastic brand ambassador.

Justin McCarthy

Commercial Manager, Metala Vineyards - South Australia

The India Wine Insider has given me ideas on where we should focus our efforts & which segments of the market to align our brand with. Wine education, wine facts, building a strong digital presence to support these efforts will be critical. Driving consumer activity via wine competitions, regular in-trade/ in-markets tastings and most importantly- regular face to face visits will be critically important. The Wine Insider makes these points clearly.

Varun Anthony

Director (India) – South Australia, Department for Trade and Investment– South Australia 

Sonal Holland MW, with her knowledge prowess and passion, has inspired and educated wine-appreciating consumers, institutions and industry. Her knowledge of the industry, its regions and her connect with consumers across the globe cannot be ignored and only benefitted from, for the long-term.

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 for - US $650 

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India Wine Market Consultancy Program

Team up with the most experienced professionals to build a robust wine business in the Indian market. Under the guidance of Sonal C Holland, Master of Wine, we provide consultancy, marketing and communication services which combines knowledge, thought-leadership, consumer and trade outreach programs and effective digital marketing campaigns to help you and your brands gain a strong foothold across India.

The Indian wine market is often complex, daunting and notoriously rigid to maneuver for the uninitiated. Our consultancy program is designed to hand-hold international companies in their journey to building their brand in the Indian market. We can help communicate your brand values through engaging story-telling and help you establish the right connections with importers, influencers, media and/or consumers, to establish your brand quickly and efficiently in the Indian market.

We provide complete guidance through bespoke solutions to ensure that you succeed in India.

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