How to preserve wine once the wine bottle is opened?

Once a wine bottle has been opened, it begins to oxidize, and its flavours and aromas can change quickly.

Therefore, it's essential to preserve wine properly to extend its lifespan and retain its original taste and quality. Here are some ways to preserve wine once the bottle is opened:

1.     Recork the bottle: The simplest way to preserve an open bottle of wine is to recork it tightly with the original cork or a wine stopper. This method helps to slow down the oxidation process.

2.     Store the wine in the refrigerator: Storing the wine in the refrigerator can slow down the oxidation process and keep the wine fresh for up to 2 to 3 days.

3.     Use a vacuum sealer: A vacuum sealer is a handy tool that removes the air from the bottle and helps to preserve the wine's flavours and aromas. These tools can be found at most kitchen supply stores.

4.     Use a wine preservation system: Wine preservation systems use argon gas or another inert gas to displace the air in the bottle and create a barrier between the wine and oxygen. These systems are designed to keep wine fresh for weeks or even months.

5.     Transfer the wine to a smaller container: Transferring the wine to a smaller container such as a half-bottle or a wine carafe can also help to slow down the oxidation process. This method reduces the surface area of the wine exposed to air, which slows down the oxidation process.

6.     Store the wine in a cool, dark place: If you can't store the wine in the refrigerator, try to find a cool, dark place to store it. Heat and light can speed up the oxidation process, so it's best to avoid these elements as much as possible.

7.     Drink the wine within a day or two: While there are many ways to preserve wine once the bottle is opened, the best way to enjoy wine is to drink it within a day or two of opening it. This ensures that you'll enjoy the wine at its best and won't have to worry about preserving it for too long.

8.     Consider investing in a wine fridge: If you're a wine enthusiast, you may want to consider investing in a wine fridge. These fridges are designed to store wine at the optimal temperature and humidity levels, which can help to extend the life of your wine.

Overall, the key to preserving wine is to slow down the oxidation process as much as possible. Whether you're using a vacuum sealer, a wine preservation system, or simply recorking the bottle tightly, these methods can help extend the life of your wine and ensure that you can enjoy it for a few more days.

Remember that while there are many ways to preserve wine once the bottle is opened, none of them can completely stop the oxidation process. Over time, the wine will begin to lose its flavour and aroma, so it's always best to enjoy it as soon as possible after opening. 

Originally published March 2, 2023

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