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  • The 60 Minute Wine Pro is a beginners and intermediate level online course intended for hospitality professionals, students and enthusiasts who desire to deepen their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of wine. 

  • The course is designed and delivered by Sonal Holland, India’s only Master of Wine and the most qualified wine professional in the country. 

You will gain knowledge about:

serving wine with confidence

Select wine by reading labels


Principle grape varieties and the different styles of wine.

India’s expanding wine market

The course is divided into 10 modules, each which explores an important aspect of wine Through a series of audio-visual cues, pro tips and Sonal’s professional insights, in just over 60 minutes, you will be able to taste a wine like a professional, select the right wine to go with food and describe a wine with confidence. 

Contents of the Course

  • Welcome by Sonal Holland, Master of Wine

  • Module 1: What makes wine great? Assessing quality in wine

  • Module 2: What is wine? Wine styles and where wine comes from

  • Module 3: How wine is made: Journey from grape to glass

  • Module 4: Tasting wine like a pro

  • Module 5: Important grape varieties and must-know wines

  • Module 6: Reading a wine label

  • Module 7: Storage and service of wine

  • Module 8: Pairing wine and food

  • Module 9: Wines of India

  • Module 10: 10 popular wine myths

On completing the course, there is a simple 20-minute multiple choice test that will evaluate what you have learnt. You are required to complete the 60-Minute Wine Pro and undertake the evaluation test within 30 days of downloading the course. Upon submission of the test, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Sonal Holland Wine Academy. 

It takes less than a minute to sign up and become a Wine Pro. We look forward to welcoming you on this journey. Cheers to that!


  • 100% Online – Convenience of time and space

  • World-Class Training 

  • Credibility – backed by India’s most respected wine professional 

  • Career Advancement Opportunities 

  • Relevant and Industry Focused 

  • Gold-Standard Certification

Course delivery

  • The course is designed to be completed online in just over 60 minutes excluding the evaluation test.

  • The course in available in the English language. 

  • It is suitable for anyone above the legal drinking age.

  • The program is designed for beginners and intermediate level hospitality professionals, students and enthusiasts. It is suitable for anyone above the legal drinking age. The course will enhance your knowledge as a wine professional and will deepen your enjoyment of wine as an enthusiast.
  • The program is structured in such a way to supplement practical knowledge through essential theory that a professional sommelier needs to know. This course will complement and sharpen your on-the-job skills, whilst enhancing your opportunities to further your career.
  • The course is designed by Sonal Holland Master of Wine, India’s most qualified wine professional and the country’s leading wine educator. It combines a global wine curriculum with the context and insights Indian wine professionals and enthusiasts require.
  • We are available on email as well as telephone to guide you for any technical difficulties you might encounter.
  • Then this course is perfect for you! Many enthusiasts have turned professionals, including Sonal, as they studied wine in depth. A majority of enthusiasts who have studied wine with us have multiplied their enjoyment and understanding of wine many times over.
  • Click on ‘Enroll Now’ option, fill in your information and create an account. Make the online payment with available payment options. Once the payment is made you will be registered for the program and will receive a confirmation email with access to the course content.
  • Once the course fees have been processed, you will receive via email access to the course modules. You can then login in with your student id and password and explore the 10 modules and learn at a pace comfortable to you.
  • Upon successful completion of the evaluation test, you will be eligible for a certificate of completion from Sonal Holland Wine Academy. A soft copy of the certificate will be sent to your registered email id.
  • The course allows you to gain theoretical knowledge of wines. However, we strongly recommend you to apply this knowledge by sampling a wide variety of wines, especially the ones that you have learnt on the course. Whilst you are not required to taste while on the course, you may use every opportunity thereafter to taste and learn, some of which would be enabled through our SoHo Wine Club events, held across the country.
  • The fees are non- refundable and non-transferable. The course is valid for a period of 1 month, and you may choose to access the content at a time convenient to you.

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