Certified Wine Pro + Wine Service Professional (In-classroom Training)

A curriculum that engages, enriches, and evolves your wine knowledge and skills.

The Certified Wine Pro is a beginner and intermediate level course. This concise course is designed for aspiring professionals who are keen to launch their wine careers, students who wish to sharpen their wine knowledge and enthusiasts who wish to learn to taste and discover wine, systematically.

Wine Service Professional curriculum is designed for wine industry professionals and aspiring sommeliers on vocational competencies needed on the floor to sell and serve wine with confidence. This extensive course is designed for wine professionals, sommeliers and students who are keen to sharpen their on-floor skills of up-selling wines and perfect the art of wine service.

Upcoming Batch - 24th April 2023 | 10 am to 4pm

Course Fees - Rs 6000 (Inclusive of taxes)


  • What makes wine great? Assessing quality in wine 
  • What is wine? Wine styles and where wine comes from 
  • How wine is made: Journey from grape to glass 
  • Tasting wine like a pro - Taste 4 main wine styles 
  • Important Grape Varieties 
  • Reading a wine label 
  • Storage and service of wine 
  • Pairing wine and food 
  • Popular wine myths 
  • Why focus on wine sales?
  • How to make a wine list?
  • Training and Tasting
  • Mise en place
  • Effective order taking
  • Presenting the bottle
  • How to open a bottle of wine the right way?
  • How to pour wine?
  • How to open a bottle of sparkling wine?
  • Decanting