Capstone California wine program

California Wine Institute in collaboration with the foremost wine institution Sonal Holland Wine Academy brings you Capstone California Wine

Certification Program Introductory Level 1. A course that enables you with the foundational knowledge on the California Wine Region and sets you on the path of exploring the best that the California wine region has to offer.


About the Capstone California Program

Since 1934, Wine Institute (WI) has been supporting California’s wineries and winemakers. Capstone California, developed by California Wines under the auspices of Wine Institute, is an up-to-date information resource on California wine with contributions from many of the state’s 4,200 wineries along with an outside team of top industry professionals, educators, and authors. For consumers and professionals interested in a more structured learning experience, Capstone California offers four levels of study: Introductory; Intermediate; Advanced; and Expert/Ambassador. Upon completion of each level, successful students receive a certificate and other exciting benefits.


Introductory Level 1 | 6 Hours

The Introductory Level 1 covers six hours of wine curriculum, beginning with major eras in the history of California wine, including the Mission era, post-Gold Rush, Prohibition, and modern times. Level 1 candidates will:

  • Learn how California's geography, the Pacific Ocean and mountain ranges affect viticulture and wine styles. 
  • Acquire fundamental knowledge of grape-growing practices and the specifics of viticulture compared to other agriculture, including the ability to identify and describe the important grape varieties grown in California. 
  • Receive an introduction to the American Viticultural Area (AVA) system, including the world-famous AVAs of Napa Valley, Sonoma County and Santa Barbara County. 
  • Explore California's iconic wineries, such as Ridge Vineyards, Frog’s Leap Winery and Robert Mondavi Winery. 
  • Learn about the key statistics for California wine in global production, consumption and exports.

Capstone California’s goal is to create an accessible course for as many interested trade professionals as possible around the globe!

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A Global Faculty of Wine Experts

Content developed by a team of internationally recognized authorities on the California wine industry, including Masters of Wine (MW), Master Sommeliers (MS), leading wine educators, lauded authors and journalists.

- Sonal Holland, Master of Wine

"California Wine Institute is an expert-led education platform and we at Sonal Holland Wine Academy are proud partners for them in India. It is with immense pleasure that I announce the Capstone California Wine Certification Program - Introductory Level 1. This is our genuine effort to bring the understanding of the California region and its wine to all, from wine students, hospitality and wine trade professionals, sommeliers to wine enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy this journey and fall in love with what California wines have to offer."